A Complete Home English learning Kit for Kids

26 AR Alphabet Flash card + 26 Write & Wipe learning Activity flash card  + 26 Rread Aloud Alphabet BIG flash card +26 Colours Activities BIG Flash card +7 Write & Wipe Activity + 1 Marker Pen + 1 Set of Colour Sketch-Pen + Other Materials


AR flashcards are changing the way children learn the alphabet. With the techology of Augmented Reality, these flashcards become interactive and 3D for young children who are learning their letters and letter sounds.   


PRISHT EDUCATION to launch the new segment of Write and Wipe  Educational Flash Card in India. This Write & Wipe learning cards helps with kids reading and writing skills and also learn how to write alphabet correctly. Each card is double-sided printed and can be wiped to repeat the exercise. Write and wipe cards allow kids to practice writing again and again.


Users can download this free app ABC PRISHT ALPHABET KIDS AR LEARNING on their Android powered device. Once the app is downloaded, the free flashcards can be used with the app. When the program is opened, press “AR PLAY” and a camera viewer will appear. Place one of the cards in view of the camera and watch the magic happen.


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    • Language: English
    • AR 26 Alphabet
    • WRITE AND WIPE FLASHCARD: ABC Letters Write and wipe cards allow kids to practice writing again and again. Contains double sided 26 Alphabet  
    • READ ALOUD 26 Alphabet
    • Colouring  26 Alphabet
    • WRITE-WIPE-PRACTICE-REUSE: Using the included dry-erase marker, children will practice & master upper letters
    • AR Flashcards With a free app  ABC PRISHT ALPHABET KIDS AR LEARNING
    • There are 26 beautiful ABC AR Alphabet+26 WRITE AND WIPE Alphabet to help young children learn the alphabet.
    • The interactive letters keep children engaged for longer periods of time.
    • flashcard can be placed under the camera and start learning.
    • Flash Cards are 300 GSM thick and are laminated and durable.
    • Dimension: 30 cm x 20 cm x 7.5 cm
    • Ages: 1+ years