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5-6 Years
Kids Learning Materials

Unlock the Magic of Learning with Prisht Education Jaadui Pitara Learning Solutions

Prisht Education is thrilled to introduce our specially designed Home Learning Kit, Home Activity Kit, and Books Set for the imaginative minds of 5-6 years old. Rooted in the belief that learning should be magical, our Jaadui Pitara series brings together education and enchantment in one captivating package.

1. Jaadui Pitara Home Learning Kit: Embark on a whimsical learning adventure with our Jaadui Pitara Home Learning Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to captivate young learners' interest while aligning with educational standards. Packed with interactive activities, games, and educational materials, the Jaadui Pitara Home Learning Kit transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary learning experiences.


2. Jaadui Pitara Home Activity Kit: Fuel creativity and exploration with our Jaadui Pitara Home Activity Kit. Bursting with enchanting projects, engaging puzzles, and delightful crafts, this kit turns every day into a magical journey of discovery. Aligned with educational objectives, it encourages hands-on learning, critical thinking, and imaginative play.


3. Jaadui Pitara Books Set: Ignite a love for reading with our Jaadui Pitara Books Set. Each book is a portal to fantastical worlds, designed to enhance literacy skills and spark the imagination. Aligned with age-appropriate educational content, these books make learning to read a magical experience.


Why Choose Jaadui Pitara by Prisht Education?

  • Magical Learning: We believe in the magic of learning and infuse it into every aspect of Jaadui Pitara.

  • Educationally Sound: Our kits and books are designed to align with educational standards, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

  • Parental Involvement: Encourage family bonding through shared activities, making learning a collaborative and joyful experience.


Bring the enchantment of learning into your home with Prisht Education's Jaadui Pitara Home Learning Solutions. Watch as your child's eyes light up with curiosity and excitement, making every day a magical learning adventure.

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