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Books set
Learning Kit

Books Set Level-0
(0-3 Years)


Our Play Group Books Set is the perfect introduction to reading for little ones aged 2 to 3 years. This 6-Books Set is specially curated for a one-year course, with each book focusing on developing key skills such as language, imagination, and cognitive development. With charming illustrations and engaging themes, these books will be a favorite for both parents and children alike. Start your child's love for reading with this fantastic set!

Books Set Level-1
(3-4 Years)


Our Nursery Books Set for 3-4 year kids includes 10-Books Set that are designed to encourage a love of reading and enhance key skills required for future academic success. These bright and colorful books appeal to young children and help them learn through engaging stories. Your child will develop important skills such as phonics, comprehension, and vocabulary while having fun reading these books.

Books Set Level-2
(4-5 Years)


Our Level-2 LKG Books Set is an excellent choice for parents looking for educational books for their children. This set includes 10-Books Set that cover various topics and are designed for children aged 4-5 years. Our books are the perfect way to foster a love for reading and help your child improve their language and cognitive skills.

Books Set Level-3
(5-6 Years)


Introduce your little ones to the joy of learning with our Level-3 UKG Books Set. Designed specifically for 5-6 year old kids, this 10-Books Set is an excellent resource for early childhood education. With a focus on developing cognitive skills, these books are sure to keep young learners engaged and motivated.

Pre-School AR Books 

Augmented reality kids books are the perfect way to engage children in imaginative play while introducing them to the exciting world of technology. With these books, your kids can explore a 3D world of fun and learning, full of interactive animations and sound effects. The books come with an accompanying app that allows you to bring the stories to life with an augmented reality experience. Kids will be captivated by the vivid visuals and imaginative stories, all while learning about the world around them. Get your kids the perfect combination of technology and classic literature with augmented reality kids books

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